Summary of the First Day of the Extraordinary General Assembly of Regnum Christi November 27, 2018

A point of encounter and the beginning of a journey

Today began the second part of the extraordinary General Assembly of Regnum Christi with the invocation of the Holy Spirit through the Veni Creator. The delegates of the consecrated branches had their first session at 9:30 am in the Chapter Hall of the General Directorate in Rome.

Cristina Danel reflected on the passage from the letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians (6:10-18)

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

In the center of the chapter hall is a Regnum Christi shield with four candles representing the four branches: Legionaries of Christ, Consecrated Women, Lay Consecrated Men, and lay members. A representative of each one lit a candle as a symbol of the fire that burns in the heart of each of the members, and of the originality of the gift that each branch is for Regnum Christi.

Fr. Eduardo Robles-Gil, LC, General Director, welcomed the delegates reminding them that, in the end, the Assembly’s is directed, “So that Christ reign in the hearts of the people.” He made a tour of the last year’s process. “A final point of arrival and the beginning of a journey.” He emphasized that Regnum Christi exists to serve the Church. He spoke about the attitudes that delegates should have towards the second part of the Assembly, referring to the message of Pope Francis at the beginning of the Synod on young people.

Afterwards, Fr. Gianfranco Ghirlanda, S.J., pontifical assistant, spoke about the fundamental points of the Statutes emphasizing the complementarity of the four branches. “We are at the end of a long road that has lasted at least six years, which has absorbed a lot of energy. We thank, above all, those who have carried forward, with great fatigue, dedication and patience, the work of synthesis of the various instances and preparation of the drafts.” He continued: “We are making a search for the most suitable canonical figure to protect the autonomy and unity of each branch. This means having confidence in God leading us.”

The consecrated branches presented the conclusive results of the second part of the extraordinary General Chapter of the Legionaries of Christ, of the Assembly of Regnum Christi Consecrated Women and of the Assembly of the Regnum Christi Lay Consecrated Men. They also reviewed the regulation and the annex to the regulation of functionality of the Assembly.

Some delegates shared their expectations at the beginning of the second part of the Assembly:

“We started this assembly with great trust in God to find ways where there is consensus.” Fr. Hernán Jiménez, LC.

“I come to this Assembly with great hope and expectation: I experience peace and am very open to listen to the opinions of other branches.” Africa Pemán.

“I see supernatural joy from faith: when our four realities come together as a family, we are a prophetic sign. God has wanted to look at this poor and humble reality to reveal how Regnum Christi can work in the future.” Fr. Paul Habsburg, LC.

“I thank the branches for what they have shared and for what has resonated in my heart. Fr. Eduardo’s initial message put the emphasis on the mission of Regnum Christi to be a response to people who do not know God.” Cristina Danel.

“I come with a heart full of hope. I have the desire to work together in a Regnum Christi that goes out accompanying lay people to fulfill our mission.” Nancy Nohrden.

“I think what has been achieved so far is a hopeful path. We still have to address several issues that we will be reviewing in the future.” Francisco Gámez.

“I joined the Legionaries of Christ through the testimony of the Lay Consecrated Men. There is a world outside waiting for us to fulfill the mission to which God has called us in the Movement.” Fr. Emilio Díaz-Torre, LC.

“We know that we are Regnum Christi when, looking at Christ, the Church and the world, we feel something inside, that desire to meet people.” Viviana Limón.

“I believe that God invites us to be instruments of peace for the Movement.” Félix Gómez Rueda.

In the afternoon, the lay delegates joined and celebrated the Eucharist in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Philip of Jesus, presided over by Archbishop José Rodríguez Carballo, OFM, the titular archbishop of Belcastro and secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

During the homily, Archbishop Carballo reflected on the steps that have taken place in this process of renewing Regnum Christi. He thanked all the delegates for their participation during this process.

Archbishop Carballo gave Gloria Rodríguez, general director of the Consecrated Women, and Jorge Lopez, general director for the Lay Consecrated Men, the decrees of approval as Societies of Apostolic Life, fruit of several years of work accompanied by the Church.

At the conclusion of the Mass, the delegates participated in the welcome dinner at the General Directorate.

Tomorrow, the sessions of the extraordinary General Assembly of Regnum Christi will continue, and the lay delegates will join the consecrated branches.

About the extraordinary general assembly:

90 delegates are attending the General Assembly. They come from 14 countries: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela. 36 legionaries (40%) (16 by office, 20 by election); 30 lay people (33%) (1 by office, 29 by election – 13 women, 17 men), 18 Consecrated Women (20%) (6 by office, 12 by election); and 6 Lay Consecrated Men (6.7%) (all 6 by office).

In total, 29 of the delegates (32%) participate by office and 61 (68%) have been elected by the members of their own branches.

The participants in the second session of the General Assembly are the same as for the first session, except in case of impediment, according to the substitutions provided by the General Chapter or the General Assemblies of the branches. Also, the delegates who attend by office can be replaced by substitute delegates elected to maintain the proportionality of the branches.

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