Mari Carmen Ávila

I was born in Mexico City on September 19, 1959 and was consecrated on August 29, 1984.  I currently am part of the community of the general direction in Rome.

For nine years I worked in Rome as the director of the school, the Irish Institute.  I was director of Le Châtelard Academy in Switzerland for six years.  In France, I was responsible for the ECYD clubs for ten years.  I also was the director of the section in Paris for five years, was on the road team that travelled to Bordeaux, and was the assistant for the women’s Regnum Christi section in Paris for four years.  I was responsible for the studies program of the consecrated women in the formation center in Madrid, Spain as well as a spiritual director.  I was also a spiritual director for the consecrated women in the formation center in Monterrey, Mexico and for those in the territory of Mexico for two years.  I am now a general councilor.

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