Maleny Medina

I was born in Madrid, Spain on September 28, 1962.  I am the youngest of six children.  My parents and older sister are in heaven, and this, humanly speaking, is the most sustaining gift as a person and as a person loved.  Currently, I am a member of the community of apostolate of Cerro del Coto in Madrid, Spain.

I was consecrated on March 10, 1978.  My apostolic experience has included the following.  I was director of ECYD in Mexico City.  In Chile I was director of the   community of consecrated women, director of the youth section and director of the Cumbres School.  I was assistant to the general director.  I have been assistant to the territorial director of Europe, Spain and Italy.  I am currently the director of the Regnum Christi section of young people in the University of Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid, Spain and academic coordinator of the master’s program in educative accompaniment and mentoring in the University of Francisco de Vitoria.

The experience of foundation is something very special. I remember my first image just getting off of the plane in Santiago, Chile. The first four consecrated to arrive to that country were received by a Legionary priest who took us to our first house already furnished and with a full pantry. I would summarize those seven years as vertigo and amazement.  Vertigo because of the growth of the number of students in that little school that started with 40 students.  It was incomprehensible and disproportionate that there were more than 1000 students in less than 7 years. And amazement for the quality of experience and integration with the Regnum Christi charism among young people and adults.

I hope that in this assembly we continue letting ourselves be led by God’s pedagogy, in depth and form.  For this reason, I ask you to pray that EVERYONE, beginning with me, will let this process be not simply to look for a canonical and juridical result that we need, but to let ourselves be made from the bottom of our hearts.  It seems to me that this is the way that Christ will reign and we will fully live our charism.

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