Irene Alemany

I am from Madrid, Spain.  I was born on September 16, 1960.  I have three siblings.  My father died a year and a half ago, and my mother is 90 years old.  She is surrounded by the affection of the entire family.

I was consecrated on October 1, 1983.  I am currently in the community of Lomas Anáhuac in Mexico City.  It is a big community but very integrated and welcoming.

My apostolic experience has been the following: I started as a prefect of discipline in the Oxford School (high school), then in the Godwin School (high school). I was section director in Guadalajara, Mexico.  In Valencia, Spain I had several apostolates: vice director and director of the community, prefect of discipline in the Cumbres School, director of the Cumbres School, section director, and director of ECYD.  I returned to Mexico as director of the Maddox Academy, vice director and then director of the community of Satélite. During these past years my mission has been to serve the consecrated women as territorial director of Mexico.

A moment that has helped me to experience Regnum Christi as one family with the same charism was when we gathered together members of the four branches in order to express what had led us to become members of the Movement and/or to consecrate ourselves to God.  What was heard in those moments was not something learned, it was something that God himself had sown in each person, and it resonated in the hearts of others.  It showed that the Holy Spirit placed the charism in the heart of each person and therefore everyone, without exception, has something to contribute to the Movement.

My expectation for the Assembly is that we purify our hearts to be able to listen to the Holy Spirit and to be able to live an experience of communion, of interior freedom and of a sincere and humble search where we can find the will of God among all of us.  I hope we all go as prepared as possible, without clinging, but detached and open to what each one is going to contribute.

The prayer that I would ask for is the same as my expectation and hope for the Assembly.

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