Carmen Ramírez

I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico on October 17, 1969.  I am the eighth of nine children.  I became a member of ECYD when I was 11 years old.  I was consecrated on November 18, 1988.

I am currently a member of the community of Las Encinas in Monterrey, Mexico.  This house has two communities:  the community of apostolate and the community of candidates.  The candidates represent a grace of God, and at the same time, a responsibility.  The celebration of the Eucharist, as well as some other spontaneous moments in the day are our opportunities to be with the candidates.

I have worked apostolically as a vocational promoter and formator of the girls in the pre-candidacy in Spain, Mexico and Brazil.  I have also been able to help in sections of ECYD and in youth sections of Regnum Christi.  I have been a vice director and director of consecrated women.  Much of my apostolic work has been in Brazil.  I am currently serving as the territorial director in Monterrey, Mexico.  I believe collaborating in the territorial directive committee has offered me many opportunities to experience Regnum Christi as a charismatic family.  It is difficult for me to speak of a single moment.  It is common to experience the complementarity and the presence of Christ among us, as well as to share and to vibrate with the desire to extend the Kingdom of Christ.  This constitutes an experience of the charism.

More than to talk about expectations for this assembly, I can talk about dispositions.  I want to help in the dialogue, listening to the Holy Spirit in the others and in me.  To pray, to welcome and to respond to what God will show us, so that He manifests Himself as He has done in the territorial assemblies in which I have participated.

I ask for prayers so that we can be a discerning community.

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